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It is just over a few years now, We Started The AAZAD COLLEGE OF EDUCATION when some eminent personalities had gathered together for a discussion with a purpose which soon caught up the idea to use their resources to form an organization which caters to the growing needs of the public in the Educational field. Feverish consultations took place on the following few days. Other meaningful friends were roped in to accepting the Society was Established.

To introduce any possible improvement in the system of education in its institutions
from time to time
To undertake and carry out any step calculated to promote the cause of education.

To promote educational, cultural and welfare activities and to acquire property and buildings for a promotion of the objectives stated above.

The majority of the founding members strived hard with a missionary zeal. They started meeting people and explained the loadable ideas of the organization, and enlisted the support of a large number of people. Friends and relatives joined in and the number of life members thus increased.

Teaching and non-teaching staffs were recruited. The laboratories were established. The college building has been procured and all the care has been undertaken to improve the college. It was made sure that the quality of educational instruction is maintained at the highest possible level.

The managing committee is assisting in the efficient discharge of duties. The purchase committee is in charge of acquiring necessary equipment and other facilities.

B.Ed Course (Two-year duration) with an intake of 100 seats


We have a long history of excellence and repute and have a solemn commitment to address ourselves vigorously to the needs arising from a dynamic and rapidly changing society by aligning ourselves to the requirement of the new age of teaching, conducting research, disseminating new knowledge and developing application for existing knowledge. We also believe in preparing life-long learners who are able to apply their knowledge in a cross cultural and diverse society.


To Our mission is to nurture our students with best quality, relavent and vision based technical education and to develop attitudes, skill and values which will enable them to strive for excellence and perfection in the tasks undertaken to serve the needs of industry, society and nation in general and in rural zone in particular and prepare to them for an exciting and rewarding career.

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AAZAD COLLEGE OF EDUCATION B.Ed College is one of the premier educational organization dedicated to import quality education and promoting excellence in academic pursuits in the field of Teaching. This College is possessed with the objective of turning out high calibre Professionals to meet rapidly growing needs in the educational field.